Celebrate Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day

Monday, September 16, is National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day. Yep, there’s a whole day dedicated to this tasty bread! Cinnamon Raisin Bread is a bakery favorite, often requested for special breakfasts or celebratory brunches. It’s not hard to see why. [...]


Grandparents Day

When I held each of my daughters for the very first time within minutes of their entrance into this world, I couldn’t imagine anything better. And then I became a grandparent. Holding each of my grandchildren for the first time [...]


Celebrate School

School supplies purchased - Check. First-day outfit (or uniform) all set. Check. Lunch packed. Check. Ready to take on a new school year? Check. Whether you like it or not, a new school year is here. And like a brand [...]


Fruits of Summer

There is so much to love about summer. The longer days, often spend splashing in the pool under the bright sun. The way we linger outside as the sunset paints the sky and the lightning bugs begin to glow. The [...]


Patriotic Fun

4th of July is here. That means summer is in full swing and the temperature outside has finally caught up to the date on the calendar. What patriotic fun is on your list to celebrate Independence Day? Are you planning [...]


Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s this Sunday, June 16. Have you made plans to do something to celebrate the man you call dad? Dads are such special people in our lives. They make us laugh, encourage us to be a [...]


National Doughnut Day

When you come downstairs in the morning and see a pastry box full of doughnuts from the local bakery sitting in the middle of the table, it just sets the day up to be a good one. I remember as [...]