Wedding season is in full swing and we couldn’t be happier! What a joy it is to see brides and grooms excitedly planning their big day to celebrate their love with family and friends. We know a lot of people had to pivot plans during the pandemic last year, and many were faced with the tough choice of choosing to scale back for a more intimate affair or postponing nuptials until it was safe for crowds to gather again. 

Even without a pandemic to complicate things, a wedding is a major milestone and most require a great deal of time, energy and effort, not to mention a large financial commitment.

Weddings are individual and personal, and should be a reflection of a bride and groom. If you’re creative and trendy, you may not want an event steeped in tradition. If your tastes are more classic, you may choose things that are more  timeless, from decorations to the dress to the cake. 

We love being a part of a couple’s big day. As we’ve said before, there is something so lovely about creating a cake, knowing it will be cut into by the bride and the groom, the first dessert the couple shares as Mr. and Mrs. 

Because a wedding day is about the bride and groom, we love to work together to help make a couples vision a reality. We can help provide ideas and make suggestions, but it brings us so much joy when everything comes together on the big day, exactly as the bridge and groom hoped it would. 

After a long hiatus in 2020, people are ready to party at weddings again and it’s been fun to see what’s been popular this wedding season. 

Right now, the popular color scheme is various shades of white and ivory. This is a very elegant, timeless color palette, and it allows us to get creative with design, textures and decorations on the cake. 

We are also making smaller cakes for the bride and groom to cut, and then sheet cakes for the guests to enjoy. This is an affordable option to help save some money but still offer everyone a delicious slice of cake. 

Dessert tables are still popular, especially as people are celebrating in true party fashion. Assorted desserts have been a big hit. We’ve gotten requests for bite-sized pastries. We can offer a wide assortment of tasty treats, ranging from eclairs, cream puffs, cheesecakes, fruit tarts, mousse tarts, and dipped chocolates. 

And let’s be honest, all of the partying, celebrating and dancing makes guests hungry. We are seeing a return of the late-night snacks served up at the end of the evening. One of our most requested snacks is the donut. These are always yummy and always a favorite with the newlyweds AND the guests. 

But if donuts aren’t your thing, why not get creative? We’ve done a few cookie bars this summer and they are such a fun idea. The bar includes a bunch of different cookies and school-size pints of milk. An unexpected touch at the end of the night, but a tasty, fun treat for everyone. Who doesn’t love cookies and milk?

No matter how you choose to celebrate your big day, whether it’s an intimate affair with immediate family, or a large party with hundreds of people, we are honored to be a part of it. We love helping people celebrate life deliciously, and there’s nothing better than being there at the start of your happily ever after.