There’s a lot on the calendar to celebrate this month -the season for celebrations is beginning-  we’re so excited for all of the upcoming events! 

Here at Ashley’s Pastries, we’re especially eager to be able to celebrate 2021 grads this year, from preschoolers to college students. 

It’s been a tough year for all students. Limited days in the classroom. Cancelled activities. Abbreviated sports seasons. Missed milestones. 

As vaccination rates rise and restrictions start to ease up, life is slowly creeping back to a new “normal”. That means many of the year end milestones are happening again this year and we’d love to help you celebrate deliciously! 

Do you have a preschooler headed to kindergarten next year? This is a big transition and it’s worthy of celebrating. 

If you have an elementary school student making the move to junior high in the fall, celebrate! We have delicious pastries that can elevate a weeknight family dinner and show your student how proud you are, and how excited you are for the new adventures that await. 

Highschoolers especially have had quite a different school experience this past year. We know it’s tough to be a teenager. It’s really tough to be a teenager during a pandemic. Thankfully, most high school seniors this year will be  able to enjoy the milestone experiences that happen this time of year. Prom is back. There will be Baccalaureate services and graduation ceremonies and celebrations!

2021 graduates deserve to be honored and celebrated for all of their hard work. This year they didn’t just have to worry about passing exams and making the grade, this year’s students juggled their final year of high school as they juggled a global pandemic. They adjusted to new learning styles and a mix of school schedules in a world in a constant state of flux. 

Hopefully, this year also taught patience, adaptability, teamwork, understanding, empathy and compassion, life skills that will serve all students well into adulthood. 

We’re here to help you commemorate your student, and show them their efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

Give us a call to create something as special as they are. We can make cakes and cookies with school colors or logos. We can craft something intricate and involved or simple and sweet. We can make larger cakes if it’s safe to celebrate with a larger group or small cakes for family – whatever the party size, we can accommodate and help bring your tasty vision to life. 

This is also the season to celebrate special people in our lives… teachers, nurses, moms. We make it easy for you to show you care. Nothing says I’m thinking of you like a tray of assorted cookies, a favorite cake to enjoy in the middle of a busy week, or a dozen donuts shared with teachers to start the school day. 

Spring is also the perfect time for baptisms, First Communion and baby showers. We can help make any of these special.

It’s the season for celebrations…and we’re here to help you celebrate deliciously.