Is it really Thanksgiving if you don’t have a slice of pumpkin pie, topped with a dollop of whipped cream? It almost doesn’t seem possible to celebrate the holiday without this dessert staple. 

I prefer my slice after the leftovers are packaged and the dishes are washed. That way I can sit down with a cup of hot coffee and savor each bite. Yum! This treat is even better if I’m sharing pie with family, friends or my grandchildren. Thanksgiving is one time when they request this pie. Tips to bake the perfect pumpkin pie.

This year, are you thinking of baking your own pumpkin pie? Are you a little nervous (or completely terrified) about where to start? Or are you a self-proclaimed pro pie baker?

During the course of our 38 years in the baking business, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make a pie. 

Baking the perfect pumpkin pie may sound like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before or if you’re serving it at a special event like Thanksgiving. But we can assure you, it’s not as tough as it may seem. 

We recommend giving yourself enough time to work in the kitchen uninterrupted. You certainly don’t want to get everything set up and ready to go, then have to run out the door. Also check your recipe (there are many available online if you’re looking for one) and make sure you have all ingredients before you get started. 

We also recommend putting on your favorite apron, turning on some tunes and just having fun. Baking can be a great way to relax and de-stress (who doesn’t need more of that these days?). If you have kids at home, have them get in on the baking action and let them measure ingredients, stir the bowl, knead the dough, and of course, lick the spoons! 

Here we share a few of our tried and true tips to help you prep that perfect pumpkin pie

  1. Keep your dough chilled. 
  2. Calibrate your oven. Make sure it’s baking at the correct temperature. 330 degrees is the perfect temp for this pie!
  3. Do not use fresh pumpkin. It’s a mess to cut it all up and the pumpkin is too watery. Canned pumpkin is smoother and firmer for your filling. 
  4. Don’t overwork your dough!
  5. Egg wash the exposed crust area. This allows for that golden brown crust. 
  6. The pumpkin should wobble in the middle when done. Remember, the pie keeps baking even after it is pulled from the oven.
  7. Grab a fork and some whipped cream. Enjoy!

That’s it! You can do this…and you have just about a week to practice.

Of course, if you decide you don’t want the hassle, leave it to us and just give us a call to place your pie order. There’s still time to get all your goodies by Thanksgiving and we love being able to help you celebrate life deliciously.