Think back to a time when you played a sport or played an instrument or took a dance class. Think back to a time when you had a coach that impacted your life in a positive way.

Coaches are people who inspire us to work harder and do our best. They give of their time and talents to teach us new skills, share their knowledge, and lead us to a better, stronger version of ourselves. Coaches push us to keep going when things are tough, push us out of our comfort zone to try new things, and cheer us on when we accomplish our goals. 

For many of us, we probably have a coach or two who shared wise words of wisdom that we still remember to this day. They teach us valuable skills like leadership, teamwork, perseverance, determination, dedication, loyalty. They help us understand why it’s important to show up and put in the work. They show us the thrill of victory, and how to weather the disappointment of defeat. 

For some of us, a coach may have seen something in us that we couldn’t see in ourselves, helping us tap a hidden potential that unleashed a great talent. 

This Tuesday, October 6, is National Coaches Day, which is dedicated to honoring all the important men and women who have coached us throughout the years. 

Perhaps we don’t stop to think about the time, the energy and the planning that goes into coaching a team for a season. Even if it’s a soccer coach for preschoolers, there’s a level of commitment that goes into coaching. 

What better way to honor coaches than by thanking them on this special day? A simple thank you note, a thoughtful text message or a treat from Ashley’s would go a long way and show a coach how much you appreciate them. Stop in to pick up a dozen freshly baked donuts or seasonal sugar cookies to share with your coach and your team. A little deliciousness for a lot of dedication, right?