The classroom looks really different compared to just two months ago. 

Today, children are learning in the dining room or at the kitchen table or in a corner of the home office that’s been converted into a classroom. Kids are connecting with classmates during Zoom sessions and scheduled Google Meets. They are learning complicated math facts and writing papers and studying science in the backyard. 

And behind all of it, are the teachers. Teachers who are missing their schools and their classrooms, and, of course, our students. 

Teacher Appreciation Week starts on Monday. What better time to let our teachers know how much we appreciate them, how much we value them, than right now?

This whole situation is hard on all of us and it’s hard for teachers, too, as they juggle remote learning. And for many teachers, they are also taking care of their own families and teaching their own children, too. 

You may not be able to send a handwritten note tucked in your child’s backpack to their teacher right  now,  but you can take time to write a heartfelt email to let them know how much you appreciate them and all they do. 

Encourage your student to write a note, or, depending on their age, draw a picture for their teacher. If they need inspiration, encourage your student to share a favorite teacher’s attribute, or a time the teacher inspired them or a favorite memory of this school year. 

You can include in that message a special treat is awaiting them at Ashley’s Pastries. That’s right — call us and we can arrange for a special treat to be ready for them to pick up at the bakery. 

Gift certificates are also available. Bakery Bucks are a great way to show appreciation. Your favorite teacher can come in to pick out his or her own favorite treat. 

We also have a variety of yummy cookies, cupcakes and cake pops decorated and ready for teachers. 

Teachers are such important people in our lives, and that is true even now. We believe it’s important to take time to show our gratitude for those who make such a difference in the lives of our students. After all, teachers are directly impacting our future. 

As always, we enjoy helping you and yours celebrate life deliciously. Even during this uncertain time in the world, you can be certain we are here for you. Sometimes a yummy treat or a favorite comfort food (like freshly baked bread) can make an ordinary day feel a little extraordinary. 

From all of us here at Ashley’s: thank you, teachers, for all you do to make life better and brighter for our students.