Where would we be without moms? The world certainly wouldn’t be the same, would it?

Moms have a way of doing it all: they meet our most essential needs, provide emotional support and counsel us when we need a trusted friend. 

In the beginning of life, moms provide us with needed snuggles and comfort, rock us to sleep in the middle of the night, and bandage scraped knees. 

As we grow, they help soothe the sting of fractured friendships, ease the pain of a broken heart after a first love, and encourage us to forge our own path in the world. 

As we become adults, moms often shift to a different role in our lives. They become our friends, offering guidance on the tough stuff (like work and marriage and kids), and often help us as we welcome our own children into the world. 

You often hear that motherhood is a thankless job. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for all that moms do, but moms most certainly deserve to hear it. 

Thank you to all of the mothers out there who work tirelessly day in and day out for their families. Thank you for your devotion, your selflessness, your example, and your love.

Thank you to the new moms, weary from the exhaustion of a new baby (whether it’s your first or your fourth baby). As you adjust to your new role, know that you are doing a great job, even when you feel overwhelmed or sleep-deprived or nervous about caring for a precious new life. 

Thank you to all of the step-moms who lead and love a blended family, bridging gaps, honoring traditions, and making memories as a family that feels whole. 

Thank you to all of the single moms who are working hard to juggle a job and motherhood, often running low on time and energy but always keeping the tank full of love. Thank you for showing us what hard work and sacrifice look like. 

Thank you to all of the adoptive moms who are nurturing and guiding their children, loving them as their very own.  Thank you for being there, always. 

Thank you to all of the foster moms out there that opened their hearts and their homes to give children a safe, loving place to land. Thank you for stepping up and stepping in during those desperate hours to help children feel less alone. 

Thank you to all of the important women in our lives that may not be our biological mother, but who fill the role so well. Thank you for your steady support, your thoughtful advice, your constant presence. Thank you for showing up,  and for showing us that mothers can take on many shapes and many forms throughout our lifetime. 

Thank you to the moms who are no longer here. Even if we can’t physically touch them, we know they are still with us, watching and guiding and sending signs that they are never far away. We can feel their presence all around us: in the warmth of the sunshine, the smell of fresh lilacs, when a favorite song comes on the radio. This reminds us, most importantly, of their love. 

So this Mother’s Day, we honor all moms and how important they are in our lives. On Sunday, give mom a break from the kitchen and stop in to pick up a delicious treat to celebrate. We have plenty of donuts, pastries, cookies and cakes ready to go. Or, give us a call and we’ll create something as special as your mom. 

From all of us to all of you moms out there, we hope you feel loved and celebrated this weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!