Football Fridays are back.
Soccer Saturdays are here.
Cross Country races are on.
Volleyball, cheerleading, lacrosse….all fall sports are in full swing. 

Isn’t it great? It’s awesome to hear the sound of high schoolers cheering in the stands under the lights on Friday night. It’s fun to watch young kids running around on the soccer field on an early Saturday morning. It’s great to hear the squeals of excitement during a close volleyball match. 

There is so much to gain from being a part of a team. You learn the value of hardwork and how the effort you put in at practice can yield great results on the field. 

When you’re part of a team, you also learn to respect others – coaches, players, teammates, yourself. You learn to work with others, and when everyone chips in to do their part, amazing things can happen. 

When you’re a part of the team, you learn the discipline that comes along with the commitment to the team. Sometimes that means putting in time to be a dedicated athlete, and the discipline of a good training routine (working out, eating well, getting enough sleep). Other times it’s the discipline of studying hard or working on new skills for your contribution to the greater good of the group.

When you’re on a team, it’s also about having fun, and enjoying the game, or the activity, or the work you’re doing. Kids play sports to have fun, learn new skills, and foster friendships. All of these are positive things, and they can all be enhanced as kids grow older.

As grandparents ourselves, we find such joy in being on the sidelines on Saturday morning (when we’re able to do so), to cheer on our young grandchildren as they play soccer. We love to spend afternoons at the ball field, too, supporting our older grandson as he perfects his baseball game. 

Another positive of being part of a team can be the treats provided at the end of a game. We realize this is often more for the littlest ones on the field, but it wouldn’t hurt to share something yummy with older athletes once in a while, too. 

Ashley’s Pastries can help make sure your favorite team has their favorite treat at the end of the game or the end of the season. We can make sugar cookies for any sport – soccer, football, baseball – you name it, and we’ll work to create it for you! We can also create custom cakes if you’re celebrating at the end of the season. 

Need a treat for the coaches? Perhaps a dozen donuts or a package of yummy muffins would be great to share to show your thanks for their time and effort coaching your little ones. Give us a call so we can help prep your order and have it fresh and ready to go when you need to swing by to pick it up! We promise we’ll make it easy and get you to your game on time. 

There’s a lot of great things about being part of a team. Celebrate them all with treats from Ashley’s!