Wow, this month is moving. I thought I just flipped the calendar to December and here it is December 8…17 days until Christmas (but who’s counting?). The hustle and bustle of the season is in full force…and we’re here to help.

The holidays really are one of the most wonderful times of the year, but they also come with extra to-dos and extra stress. There are all of the fun things, like parties, special events, and the holiday itself. There is shopping and wrapping and decorating and all of the other fun traditions that come with the holiday. But that doesn’t stop the life things that have to still get done, such as cooking and cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry, school projects and sports practices. It may feel like a never-ending list. 

But a wish for this holiday season is to not only survive the hustle and bustle of December, but to find peace and joy in the season, too. So, how do you do that?

Well, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help manage the stress and avoid the overwhelm. 


  1. It’s okay to say no. We often want to please everyone, but it simply isn’t possible to do everything. Know that it’s okay to say no. You can decline an invite to a holiday party if it’s too much to squeeze in. Maybe you won’t volunteer for the classroom party this year. It’s okay to minimize the gift list. It’s okay to stay home for the holidays if it brings you more peace and less stress.
  2. It doesn’t have to be homemade. If you’re hosting Christmas, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t cook the meal from scratch! Order carry-out from a local restaurant, or put in an order at a local deli or grocery store to pick up a cooked ham, turkey or roasted chicken. Divide your food list and do it potluck style so everyone chips in and you’re not left to carry the load alone.
  3. Let us do the baking. Ashley’s Pastries is here to help – let us take something off the to-do list! We can make the dinner rolls or freshly baked bread to go with your meal. Let us help make breakfast and place an order for coffee cake or donuts. We can also help with the holiday baking. Sure, you may love to make chocolate chip cookies, so let us do the decorated sugar ones. Or, let us make the family favorite pie to serve this year.
  4. Practice self-care. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s for a reason – it’s so important to take care of you! When you’re busy taking care of everyone else, the things you like and enjoy may fall off the list. Don’t let them. Take time to exercise. Take a walk. Read a book. Get good sleep. Take a bath. Grab coffee with a friend. These things are even more important during hectic, busy times.
  5. Let it go. We’ve already said you can’t do everything, so let things go this year. Just because it doesn’t happen this holiday doesn’t mean it will always be this way. One year I didn’t send a single Christmas card because I just couldn’t get it done. I let it go, and guess what? We all survived. And the next year, when things didn’t feel so crazy, I sent cards again. Let go of traditions or habits that don’t bring joy. 

We love this time of year, but we know how hectic it is. We hope these simple things can help you and yours have a happy holiday season. And let us help – we hope to see you soon!