Hopefully your body is well adjusted now to daylight saving time because we’re excited that Spring has officially Sprung! Bring on the longer days, warmer weather and fresh start of the new season. 

This year, there seems to be a renewed sense of hope and energy in the air. Change is happening!

A year ago, spring hit just as the country was locking down, preparing for a pandemic that would upend our lives in ways we never could’ve expected. 

This year, the sight of buds on trees, blooms pushing up in the flower beds, the vibrant green of the grass awakening from winter is so wonderful, welcomed and wanted.

We need this hope of spring: new beginnings, new life, a fresh start. 

If you haven’t had a chance to spend some time outdoors, I’d encourage you to get outside. Research shows time spent outside is good for us in so many ways. 

Take a walk and notice the signs of the new season all around you. Listen to what you hear as spring arrives: the chirping of birds, the squeals of laughter from children playing outside, the swoosh of the swings at the playground, the barking of dogs on their evening walks. The world feels alive

The sights and sounds can help relax us and serve as a great stress reliever. Sunshine and Vitamin D provide healthy benefits (just don’t forget sunscreen!). Walking around the block or visiting a park to stroll along a trail is a great way to get moving and we all know exercise is essential. 

Need inspiration for parks or trails to explore? Check out  Five Rivers Metroparks or the City of Oakwood Parks & Natural Areas page to find fun places right here in our backyard! 

A warm, sunny day spent outside can help boost our moods, too. I know my frame of mind can totally change if I step out and feel the warmth of sunshine on my face and breathe in fresh air. 

Also, look up at the sky and notice the beauty of the different shades of blue. Sometimes, the sky is such a brilliant, clear blue, it almost takes my breath away. On the days when the sky is this shade, I feel such a deep appreciation for this world, and place in it. 

The weather this week is what you’d expect with spring – warmer temperatures with a smattering of sunny and rainy days. Take advantage when you can to get outside!

Swing by Ashley’s Pastries to pick up some goodies to take along as you walk, hike, bike, explore or picnic outdoors. Even if you’re just enjoying time on your own patio, treat yourself to something yummy. Flower cookies and cupcakes are a fresh, welcome pop of fun this time of year. Plus, cookies are easy to pack in a backpack and are a delicious reward when you arrive at your destination. We also offer a wide variety of muffins in different flavors – we highly recommend the lemon poppy seed and banana muffins – and we also have gluten free options.  Muffins make a great snack, perfect for a day spent outdoors. 

Spring at the bakery is a colorful time of year and we have a lot of treats to celebrate the season: beautiful cakes in light pastel colors, detailed cupcakes to make you smile. With so much color, these desserts can take center stage and make a perfect centerpiece to your tablescape. The best part? The desserts look as good as they taste!

If you’re looking for something particular, we’d be happy to create something just for you! Give us a call and we can help bring your idea to life.

Let’s celebrate this new season and the fresh start that comes with it. Spring, we’ve been waiting for you and we’re glad you’re here!