The calendar is rapidly approaching September, which seems a bit hard to believe. This summer has certainly been different, but we’re not quite ready to see it end just yet. Something about the longer days, the lax schedule and the joy that comes with summertime makes this uncertain time in our world a little easier to endure. 

Perhaps you are using these last few weeks of August to prepare for Back to School, whatever that may look like for your family. Maybe you’ve set up a remote learning space for your school-aged kids or spruced up a home office for yourself. Maybe you’re savoring these sunny days lounging poolside. Or maybe you’ve decided you need a change of scenery and you’ve made plans for a weekend getaway to bid farewell to summer 2020.

Sometimes we just need a change of pace and time away to reconnect, refocus and gain a fresh perspective. I think that’s especially true this year, when so much is unknown and our “normal” lives have been flipped upside down. 

Even in this time of COVID, we’re all craving some normalcy, and for a lot of us, that means travel. If you follow recommendations, social distancing guidelines and continue to wash hands and wear masks, it can be done safely. Many people are hitting the road and driving to their destinations. Cozy cabins, beach houses and lakeside cottages are popular spots to get away from it all.

We spent a week away at our favorite beach this summer. It’s our happy place, and we visit regularly, but this year the combination of the sand between our toes, the sunshine on our faces and the salt in the air, really helped to soothe our souls. It refreshed us in a way we didn’t know we needed.

If you’re headed away for a weekend, add “a treat from Ashley’s” to your packing list. When you pick up one of our bakery goodies, you won’t have to worry about making breakfast the first morning at your new location. Our breakfast pastries are crowd pleasers, perfect if you’re spending time with family. Our fresh-baked muffins are easy to pack and are great for breakfast or a mid-morning bite or are even great for a treat in the car. Our coffee cakes pair perfectly with fresh coffee.

You can always surprise your family or friends with a favorite treat from Ashley’s. Time away is often time to indulge and there’s nothing better than a favorite treat, like glazed croissants (just make sure you bring enough of these along – it’s hard to eat just one!) or our famous Sand Tart cookies.

We can make it really easy for you, too. Simply give us a call to place your order and we can have everything boxed up and ready when you need it. We’ll even bring it right out to you with our curbside service. So if you’re worried about time as you travel, know you can swing by the bakery as you sweep through town and we’ll have everything ready for you.

We love to celebrate life deliciously with you, whether that means right here in Dayton, Ohio, or on the road to a getaway destination.