I love coffee. I look forward to a hot cup in the morning. I love a cup after dinner with dessert. I especially love a cup when I’m enjoying it with my favorite slice of coffee cake, the Heath Crunch, here at Ashley’s

Today (April 7) is National Coffee Cake Day and what better way to celebrate than with a slice of this breakfast treat? (We say breakfast but we all know it can really be enjoyed any time).

Coffee cake contains no actual coffee, but it’s a delicious treat to enjoy while drinking a cup of joe in the morning or while taking an afternoon break. Coffee cake even tastes delicious as an after dinner treat. 

Coffee cakes are usually a single layer cake made in a square, rectangle or ring. Coffee cakes often feature fruit, spices or nuts. 

You’ll find a wide assortment of coffee cakes in our cases at any time. We bake 16 different coffee cakes, ranging from traditional options like cinnamon crumb or cheese pocket, and more creative flavors like savory butterscotch or apricot. We don’t offer all of our flavors every day, so give us a call to see if your favorite is available on a given day or place an order so we can make sure it’s fresh, ready and waiting for you. 

Curious about which one to try? 

Our  three most popular coffee cakes are:

  1. The Heath Crunch
  2.  Cheese Pocket and 
  3.  The Schenken. 

Coffee cakes are one of those easy, all-star breakfast treats. They are perfect for busy mornings, breakfast celebrations, holiday mornings or those slow Saturdays when you have time to savor the sweetness. 

Interested in trying your hand at baking your own? Check out this recipe from allrecipes.com for Aunt Anne’s Coffee Cake. The recipe isn’t too complicated and requires ingredients you probably have in your pantry.

If you’d rather just enjoy the cake instead of baking it, too, give us a call to place an order or stop in to see us. We love being able to help you celebrate life deliciously. We’ll see you soon!