May, oh my! What a busy, busy month. If you’re a parent or teacher (or both!), you know exactly what I’m talking about. One look at the calendar and it might be hard to find an empty square to squeeze in one more thing. 

This month, there are art shows and piano recitals and spring school theater performances.

There are final tests and exams and last projects and year-end picnics. 

There are theme days, spirit days, and field days. 

There are birthday parties and First Communion celebrations and baptisms and baby showers. 

It’s a month of baseball games and lacrosse and soccer matches. 

Whew, just typing it all makes me tired! There’s a lot to juggle and a lot to remember, but there is still so much to celebrate. And here at Ashley’s, that’s our passion – helping you celebrate life deliciously. 

Do you have a student graduating this year? There are a lot of feelings to process as you think about the big step of graduating. 

Custom Cake Bakery in Dayton OhioIt often feels so fast, doesn’t it? One minute you’re cuddling a newborn and chasing a toddler, and suddenly you’re watching them wear a cap and gown and cross the stage to accept a diploma. The days bleed into months into years, and then it’s May, and you’re wondering how the day has arrived, when one chapter is ending and another one is about to begin. 

Sometimes the graduation may seem small – leaving preschool to head to kindergarten – and other times, it feels so huge – graduating high school to head to college. Or perhaps it’s even leaving college to enter “the real world”.

Let us help during this busy time by taking something off your plate. Call us today for cakes, cupcakes, or cookies for your graduate. We can create something as special as they are. We can make cakes and cookies with school colors or logos. We can craft something intricate and involved or simple and sweet. We can make larger cakes to celebrate with a larger group or small cakes for family – whatever the party size, we can accommodate and help bring your tasty vision to life. 

We also have freshly baked breads, buns, and rolls which can make it easy when you’re planning a graduation party. Let us know what you need, and we can have it all packaged and ready for a convenient pickup. 

End of Year Parties 

Even if you don’t have a graduate to honor, you may want to celebrate the end of the year. Maybe it was a tough year, full of trials and challenges and unexpected hardships, and you feel grateful to have simply made it to the end of the school year. 

Perhaps it was a good year, full of growth and successes and goals met. 

It’s worth celebrating the mark of the end of the school year, and we can help. Our bakery is stocked with cookies and desserts and we would welcome the chance to put together some tasty treats. We love custom orders, so if there is something you have in mind, give us a call. There is nothing we love more than helping to bring your vision to life!


Memorial Day
Memorial Day is quickly approaching. This “unofficial start to summer” usually involves patriotic parades, backyard barbeques and the opening of local swimming pools. Although we’ve got you covered with fresh buns and rolls for your hamburgers and hotdogs, and we’ve got cookies in red, white and blue, but we also know there’s a deeper meaning for this holiday. 

Memorial Day is a day dedicated to those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We are the land of the free because of the brave men and women who fought for our freedoms. I often do not pause enough to reflect on the immense sacrifice our brave men and women in the military have made for us. This Memorial Day I’m going to take time to remember those who have served. I’m going to thank not only them, but all of their family and friends, for putting the rest of us first. American Flag Cookies

Thank you, soldiers, for your service to the United States. Thank you for being brave when faced with scary uncertainty. Thank you for your willingness to go where needed, to spend days and months and years away from your home and your loved ones for your deployments. Thank you for facing frightening things on foreign soil for all of us. Thank you for putting your life on the line for our freedom. And for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we are forever grateful for you. 

Thank you, families, for being strong even during times when you didn’t feel like it, for carrying on even on the days it felt really, really hard. Thank you for enduring days and months and years of worry during long deployments. Thank you for loving and supporting our soldiers, and missing them. Thank you for valiantly dealing with life here without them. Thank you for everything you gave up and you put on the line, too, for the rest of us. 

Season of Celebrations
We know there are just a few days left in this month, and we know there’s a lot going on. W’ve been busy, too, (hence the lack in posting!) but we are back and ready to help you in this season of celebrations. May, oh my!