Graduations. Weddings. First Communions. Baptisms. Birthday parties. All of these milestone celebrations look very different today. 

You want to honor your graduate for their hard work. You want to celebrate with family as a new baby is welcomed into the church. You want your child to know you’re sharing their excitement as they receive the sacrament of First Holy Communion. You want your son or daughter to feel the love as they celebrate another birthday. 

But how can you make these special days feel special when there are limits and restrictions? 

You may not be able to have traditional parties or receptions right now, but these important events still deserve to be recognized and we can make the celebrations sweet!

If you’ve postponed a graduation party, but are now ready to celebrate this summer, we can help! We can create custom cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Not sure what you’re looking for? Give us a call, tell us about your graduate and we can work to make a custom creation that’s sure to be just what your senior would want. 

As churches slowly reopen and reschedule First Communion, you may be rethinking your original party plans. Even if the size of your party is reduced, you can still honor the occasion with tasty treats. We can make cakes to serve crowds large or small – and we promise they look as good as they taste. If the formal party has given way to something more relaxed and casual, cookies can be the perfect dessert. We offer cookie trays with an assortment of bakery favorites or we can put together a platter of specially designed tasty treats to perfectly complement your event.

For a birthday, why not start the day with something fun, like a donut cake? You can go the simple route by picking up a dozen donuts from Ashley’s, arranging them on a pretty plate or platter, and sticking a few candles on top.If you’re hosting a popular birthday parade, why not pick up an assortment of cake pops to distribute to your guests when they drive down the street? 

We’re doing all we can to make your experience at Ashley’s safe, while keeping everyone healthy. We are still offering curbside service so if you call ahead, we can prepare your order (please give us at least 24 hours), and bring it right out to you. Or if you aren’t sure exactly what you have in mind, you’re still welcome to come into the bakery to see what we have behind the cases. We don’t think you’ll leave empty-handed. 

Even if the celebrations right now aren’t exactly as you wanted or envisioned, that doesn’t mean they can’t be special, memorable moments. After all, your children will remember these milestones, and we’re thrilled we can help bake memories that will last a lifetime.