Easter is almost here. This holiday is a time to celebrate rebirth, resurrection, revival. That feels especially true in the world right now, as things are starting to look brighter. 

Thanks to the Covid vaccine, this Easter holiday you may be able to gather safely with a few family members to celebrate. That will be a treat itself, but we can also make sure you have festive treats to elevate your Sunday. 

There’s still time to place your order for a delicious Easter cake,

our famous hot cross buns (they’re only available until Easter and then you’ll have to wait until next Lenten season),

or our cute bunny cookies.

Our cases are full of tasty, fun treats that look as good as they taste.

Easter is a holiday that lends itself to fun activities for children and adults alike. As the weather warms and more of us head outside, you may be looking for a few fun ideas.  Whether you are spending it with immediate family or a few more, here’s a few ideas for fun activities to get everyone hopping. 

    • Outside egg hunt. Kids love this! Fill those brightly colored eggs with candy, trinkets, coins and money, and get hiding! If you have a variety of ages, consider doing older kids and smaller ones separate, or make sure you offer plenty of easy-to-find eggs for the little ones and trickier spots for the big kids.
    • Sack races…with bunny ears! This will get everyone laughing, including adults. All participants have to wear bunny years (you can find them at the dollar store) and step into a large sack (you can find burlap ones for yard games on Amazon or king-size pillowcases can do the trick) and participants hop in a race to the finish line. You can get creative and divide into teams, do relay races or try kids versus adults. 
    • Egg on a spoon race. This is just as it sounds – a relay race where teams race with an egg on the spoon. Place an egg – real or plastic – on a spoon and do a relay race where teammates pass the egg from one spoon to the next without using their hands. When all team members have taken a turn without dropping the egg, that team wins
    • Pin the tail on the bunny. This classic game becomes holiday appropriate when you swap the donkey for a bunny. Blindfold players, spin a few times, and have them stick a fluffy cotton ball tail on the bunny. Whoever is closest to the actual tail spot wins! 

We are thankful to be here to help you celebrate another holiday deliciously. We wish you and yours a very Happy Easter!