I have really fond memories of my grandparents. I remember small things, like how they carried folding lawn chairs and sat on the sidelines at my siblings’ sporting events. Afterwards, we’d go to the local ice cream shop for a cone.

I remember the red suitcase bag my grandma brought when she planned to spend the night, or the way she always had mints tucked somewhere in her purse. 

I remember the laughter that swelled when the extended family got together at my grandparents’ house, and the way love seemed to multiply the larger the family grew. 

Grandparents are essential for more than ice cream cones and extra mints, though. Grandparents are essential to our families, helping to share traditions and history, guiding us with their steady example, and being there to help us navigate life’s ups and downs. 

I also know the joy that comes with watching your own children have children. What a blessing it is to be called grandma or grandpa! I am truly grateful when I can spend time with my grand kids and am humbled by the love they share in return. 

While we may not need a holiday to celebrate this treasured role, GRANDPARENTS DAY is an actual thing! This Sunday, September 12, 2021, is Grandparent’s Day, a special holiday founded in 1978 to honor the love between grandparents and grandchildren. 

Let’s celebrate
Looking for ways to commemorate this special day? Here’s a few easy ways to celebrate.

  • Have a sleepover. Invite the grand kids to spend the night (or invite the grandparents to spend the night – works either way!), and start the day with donuts. A special treat to mark the beginning of a special day. 
  • Send snail mail. Draw a special picture, make a card, send a little note. An easy way to brighten the day for grandma and grandpa. 
  • Visit a park. Swing on the swings, laugh in the sun. Breathe in the beauty of the fresh air and be thankful to have time to spend together. 
  • Make a phone call. If miles prevent you from being together, pick up the phone and enjoy an uninterrupted conversation. 
  • Have dinner together. What’s better than a shared meal? Gather around the table and enjoy yummy food and fellowship. Top it off with a yummy cake from Ashley’s! 

Sometimes, the best showcases of love are the small things, like a lingering hug, a heartfelt note found in the mailbox, or those ice cream cones shared after a sporting event. 

No matter how you spend your Sunday, we hope you feel all the LOVE this Grandparents Day!