Let’s talk about gingerbread.

There are delicious gingerbread cookies. 

There are those cute handmade gingerbread ornaments. 

There are gingerbread drinks. 

And, of course, around this time of year, there are those amazing gingerbread houses. 

We make them here at the bakery every holiday season and I love the way the bakery looks when these beautiful, edible works of art adorn our cases.  

If you love the look of gingerbread houses but not the work that comes with building them, we’ve got you covered. 

Our gingerbread houses are for sale, and they can certainly make a statement centerpiece at any of your holiday gatherings. Swing by to pick one out or pick one up. But hurry! These popular pieces won’t be around for long. 

If you love building the houses but lack the time to do all the prep work, let us do the heavy lifting. Did you know we offer gingerbread kits

Just give us a call to order a kit and we can bake it for you and have it ready for a quick pick up. The kit comes with everything you need to create your own gingerbread masterpiece. You’ll get large squares to create the walls of the house, pieces for a roof, and a few extra small gingerbread shapes for doors and windows. Plus (and perhaps the most important part) is the delicious icing to hold everything together!

You can add different candy toppings, too, to achieve the look you want. Some of our favorites include candy canes, gum drops, chocolate chips, peppermint candies and red and green M&Ms, although the beauty of building your own gingerbread house is you can make it however you like it. 

Our gingerbread kits are also great if you’ve never made your own gingerbread house before. You don’t have to worry about baking anything, but we can provide all that you need to have a successful build. Plus, everything is fresh

Here’s a few other tips/ suggestions when you decorate your gingerbread house:

  1. Put your favorite Christmas tunes on in the background.
  2. Give yourself time to create – this isn’t an activity to do if you have a short window of time.
  3. Get your family involved! Give everyone a job to do. Perhaps mom and dad build the base and kids get to decorate.
  4. Have fun! Ultimately, that’s what we love about gingerbread houses – they are fun! This is a dessert where you can easily get creative and let your house be a reflection of you – traditional or whimsical, fun or wacky, simple or overdone – there’s no wrong way to decorate your tasty house. 

Even when things are busy and hectic, during the holidays there are often certain traditions we don’t want to give up, even if we are pressed for time. And that’s where Ashley’s Pastries can help ease some of the stress of the season and allow time for the fun of making memories. 

Happy Holidays!