When times are uncertain, I find comfort in the familiar, simple things in life: favorite meals, a good book, being outdoors, meaningful conversations and time spent with family. 

Right now, there is so much uncertainty in our world and it’s all rapidly changing. Do you feel some days it’s hard to keep up? 

I’m focusing on the things I can control: my reactions and my intentions and my interactions with those closest to me. I want my home to feel safe and secure. I want my family and friends to know they are cared about and loved.

Since most of us can’t go a lot of places, we are making the most of this crazy situation and enjoying the familiar things in life, finding joy close to home by getting back to the basics. We’re enjoying family dinners, bike rides around the neighborhood, and catching fireflies in the backyard. We’re enjoying family movie nights and game nights for entertainment, busting out classic board games like Checkers and Scrabble. Some of us may be playing these again for the first time in years, but something about the familiarity of these games (which i played as a child) brings comfort, while also providing a source of fun and entertainment for my family.

We aren’t the only ones enjoying game nights – I know a lot of you are! Game nights can be spent gathered around the kitchen table or outside in the fresh air. Playing games is a great way to spend time together without the distraction of electronics or the noise of the world. 

Ashley’s Pastries has created specialty treats to add a festive flair to an intense game of Scrabble or a Rummy 500 marathon. We can create cookies and cakes to match the theme of your game night or as a way to cap off a delicious family dinner. 

As we spend more time outside in our own backyards, games like Bocce Ball, Croquet, Badminton and Wiffle ball have become go-to activities. These simple games are great for kids, tweens, teens and adults and can be simply something fun to do or you can take it to the next level and make things a bit more competitive. 

No matter which way you chose to go, a great way to complete any family night — and a guaranteed win for all — is to finish it with deliciousness from Ashley’s. 

Just as these classic games can bring us a sense of calm and comfort right now, so can classic treats. Bakery items like gooey chocolate chip cookies, signature Sand Tarts,  fudge brownies, a slice of fluffy white cake, fresh blueberry muffins,  yummy glazed donuts, fresh baked bread with melted butter can help to brighten any day and make your time together even sweeter. 

Give us a call (937)-293-1719 and we can put together a custom cookie tray or arrange a fun assortment that will please the whole family.

Remember, too, that your health and safety are a top priority, so we’re offering curbside delivery, and we’re accepting credit cards,  Venmo and PayPal to make things quick and as contactless as possible, while still serving up the deliciousness you’ve come to expect from Ashley’s. 

We’re glad to be here for you during these trying times. And now, more than ever, we’re thankful you’re supporting us, too. We believe brighter days are ahead.