For 39 years, we’ve been busy baking sweet treats to help you celebrate life deliciously. That’s a lot of flour, butter and sugar, merged together over the decades, all resulting in tasty treats and a recipe for sweet success for our business. 

When you’ve stepped in our shop and browsed our cases, have you noted the variety of offerings and available selections we have behind the glass? We like having so many products readily available to share!

Have you ever wondered where we get all of our ideas? Do you wonder how we create some of our best sellers? Are you curious what treats have been with us since we opened the doors? We’re tackling all of these questions today. 

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and trends in the baking business. We scan the internet, scour Pinterest, flip through magazines and follow top bakeries from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between. This allows us to keep our pulse on trends from different areas of the country that may not be trending in the Midwest yet. 

We are firm believers in supporting local, so we visit local food sources to see what products and ingredients are available here in our community. How could we incorporate these ingredients in our baked goods? What fruits are at their peak of freshness in what season, and how can we tie that to a seasonal treat? 

We look at trade magazines and keep up with various Food Network shows to see what’s new and up-and-coming. The TV shows may give us inspiration to think outside the box or try something completely different from our usual treats. It may spark an idea to twist a recipe and make something our own. 

There’s a lot to the bakery business that happens outside of the kitchen, so we’re doing as much work away from the mixing bowls and measuring cups as we are working with them. 

We’re always thinking about how food can connect with someone’s day or life events. What do families want when they stop in on a Saturday morning? What’s hot in the wedding industry that we can offer brides and grooms on their big day? How can we use fresh fruit in a fresh way for a new pastry creation? 

But our best source for ideas is YOU! We love listening to you  — what would you like us to bake? What would you like to find in our cases? What do you envision for your anniversary cake? What kind of muffin do you want to pick up on a Tuesday afternoon? What design would your children like to see atop a decorated sugar cookie?

We keep on baking because we love being a part of your celebrations, both big and small, on special occasions and ordinary days. We love being your familiar, sturdy go-to spot. 

Our classics- Sand Tarts, cheese pockets, Yum-Yums (donut with nutmeg, butter and cinnamon folded in dough), along with cakes, cookies, pies, breads and danishes have filled our cases since day one. Sand Tarts have been shipped to movie stars in California. Cookie boxes have been delivered to the doorstep of college students. Yum-Yums are a bestseller. 

Not everything we’ve tried has always been a hit. We offered sugar-free items for a while, hoping to address the dietary needs of some of our customers, but these items didn’t sell. 

However, our gluten-free products have been a welcome addition. We continue to expand our gluten free offerings, as these products have been extremely successful. 

Like so many things in life, baking can be trial and error. Sometimes things flop, and sometimes things soar. We have fun with it, and look forward to sharing our products with you. 

Looking for something you don’t see? Let us know and we’ll work together to bring your idea to life!