We’re just five days away from Christmas, and you’re most likely making your list and checking it twice. But what happens when you realize you still have a few gifts to get? If you’re looking for a last-minute idea, we’ve got it – food makes a fabulous gift. 

Think about it. Most people love food. During the holidays, when so much is going on, food is wanted and needed, especially if someone has a house full of guests or is hosting Christmas dinner.

Food is a gift that (usually) always fits. With our gluten free recipes and ability to do custom orders (great for anyone with a food allergy), we can help craft baked goods that work for anyone. We can help ease some of the stress.  Give us a call to place your order and we can have everything packaged and ready for an easy pick up. Or stop in and we’ll work together to create what you’re looking for. 

Need more inspiration? Here are a few ways you can turn food into a thoughtful, fabulous gift. 

  • Elevate your cookie order by gifting them on a pretty plate or serving tray. You could find a pretty holiday-themed one or a simple white serving platter (can be used all year long). Put the cookies on a tray, place in a large cellophane bag, add a pretty ribbon, and attach a gift tag with some warm wishes for the holiday. Pretty, practical and tasty, and a great gift for a hostess, boss, or neighbor. 


  • Pick up a set of cute holiday mugs to pair with some of Ashley’s Pastries hot cocoa bombs. Put the mugs and cocoa bombs together in a pretty gift bag, add some tissue paper and ribbon and you’re set. This gift is a fun treat, and perfect for teachers, a bus driver, or a babysitter. 


  • One of my very favorite bakery items is freshly baked bread, and I think this makes a great gift for a neighbor or friend. Pick up one of our freshly baked breads – you can’t go wrong with Butter crust, salted rye or cinnamon bread. Wrap it up in a pretty tea towel for two gifts in one! 


  • Place a delicious coffee cake in a cute basket, top with a bow, and give someone the gift of breakfast on Christmas morning. Our cinnamon crumb is a classic, but a pull-apart coffee cake can be great for little ones.. This gift is especially thoughtful if you’re traveling for the holidays as this is a great  hostess gift – you’re bringing along a meal! It is also a great gift for a friend, neighbor, or coworker feeling the stress of the season. 


As we draw closer to Christmas, there is the rush to the finish line. We know it and feel it, too.  You may be completely prepared this year, or you may feel way behind. Our wish is that you slow down and are able to enjoy the magic of the season. Take a minute to marvel at your Christmas tree.  Play the Christmas music as you’re running those last-minute errands. Savor the excitement and anticipation this season brings.

We can get so caught up in the to-do lists and shopping and wrapping that we may lose sight of what’s really important. Sometimes, the most perfect gift is the gift of time together, laughing and sharing and gathering around the table. We are honored to be a part of your celebrations, and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!