2018 Wedding Cake Tips

If you got engaged over the holidays, you’re likely wasting no time getting down to business with planning your big day. First of all, congratulations on your engagement! You probably already have visions of save-the-dates, designer dresses, floral arrangements, color swatches and wedding cakes floating through your mind…or at least on your Pinterest board. With a little planning and organization, you can not only bring the day of your dreams to life, but you can also enjoy the journey on the way.

At Ashley’s Pastry Shop, we’ve helped our fair share of brides over the years.  We’ve been working with brides to create the cakes of their dreams since 1982. So, what are our tips for the perfect wedding cake in 2018?

We recommend getting in touch with your baker 6 to 8 months before your wedding. You may have a favorite childhood bakery you’ve always known would do your wedding cake, great! However, if you find yourself choosing between a few local bakeries, be sure to do your research. A little time invested in reading online reviews, browsing through pictures of each bakery’s work and asking your girlfriends for personal recommendations will go a long way. A little research up front will help you rest easy in your decision.

Once you’ve chosen your baker, you’ll want to set up your initial consultation and taste testing. Each bakery does things a little differently, but at Ashley’s, we offer a free taste testing and consultation to our brides. This is when you’ll sample different cake, frosting and filling flavors. You’ll also browse through pictures with your baker and go over any vision you may already have in mind for your cake. Finally, you’ll probably pencil in a rough serving count and nail down a price estimate at this point as well.

When ordering your wedding cake, you’ll have two main decisions to make: flavor and design. For your flavor, your baker should have great input as to trending flavor combinations and seasonal considerations. It’s easy to just focus on how your cake will look, but remember, your guests will remember how your cake tasted more than how it looked. One of the best compliments we get from brides is that our cakes not only look amazing, but taste even better.

All that said, the cake is often the focal point of the reception, so you do want it to look amazing. Your cake should complement the style of your wedding in every way.  All elements of the design, like shape, color, texture and décor, should reinforce the style you’ve chosen for your big day. We’ve seen a trend towards blues, grays, sage greens and other natural tones. You can also never go wrong with the iconic white tiered cake with delicate white décor. Our advice is to jump on Pinterest and pin away when you find cakes you like.  Then when you meet with your baker, you’ll have a board full of ideas to get the conversation going. A good baker can pull different elements from your favorite pictures to create a custom masterpiece just for you.

Once you’ve worked with your baker to nail down your cake flavor, design and any logistical details, you’re good to go. Now that wasn’t too bad, was it? If location, location, location are the three rules of real estate, planning, planning, planning are the three rules of a stress free wedding. Whether it’s your cake or any of the other gazillion decisions you’ll be making between now and your wedding day, a little planning and preparation will go a long way. Believe us, you’ll thank yourself later. You’ll be able to take a deep breath and enjoy the journey to the day you find yourself standing at the end of the aisle…ready to start a whole new journey.

P.S. Here at Ashley’s, we believe you CAN have your cake and eat it too!