We’ve all heard the saying “you learn something new everyday,” and we believe this is absolutely true. Whether you discover a new fact, pick up a new skill or gain new knowledge about a friend or family member, we really do learn new things on a daily, perhaps even hourly. When you stop to think about it, that’s such a wonderful thing!

We thought you could learn a few things about us, too. Whether you’ve been coming to us for years or this is your first time stopping by our site, we’re almost certain there are things you didn’t know about our bakery. So today we thought it’d be fun to share a few things about Ashley’s Pastries.

Did you know…

    • We’ve been baking deliciousness for more than three decades? We opened the doors to Ashley’s Pastries 37 years ago and we haven’t looked back.
    • The business is named after our oldest daughter? Ashley is our first born and she is the name behind the business.
    • Those tasty salt sticks, rye bread and rolls served at The Pine Club are available here? Yes, you read that correctly. Ashley’s provides the yummy bread products for The Pine Club, which is a Top Ten SteakHouse in the United States. If you’ve ever wanted to serve these with one of your homemade meals, you can pick them up right here and take them home.  
    • Hollywood stars love our treats? Just ask Oscar and Emmy winner Allison Janney (a Dayton native) what her favorite cookie is… our Sand Tarts! That’s how they got the name “Cookie of the Stars”.
    • We ship treats all over the US? There’s nothing quite like a taste of home and we ship treats to former Daytonians throughout the country.
    • We partnered with DayBreak to launch Lindy’s Bakery? This is a pretty cool program that we’re pretty proud of. As you may know, Daybreak is a local nonprofit that helps homeless youth. We joined forces to create Lindy’s Bakery, which makes healthy and tasty dog treats. The treats are baked by homeless youth. We helped create all of the formulas for the baked pet goods and for the first year of the program, the youth worked here in our bakery. Lindy’s Bakery teaches kids valuable life skills to help them get jobs to build a brighter future. Pets are getting yummy treats. We love partnering with others in the community. It’s a win-win-win!
    • Our bakers are working while you sleep? They get here at 11pm and bake throughout the night to create all of the fresh, tasty treats awaiting you each morning.
    • We are baking for 4th generations of families? It’s been so fun for us to watch your families grow. We love that we’ve been a part of your traditions for so many years.
    • Our employees are the best? We are proud of the people that work for us. We know they care about what they do and they care about you, our customers, so they work hard to provide great customer service each time you’re here.
    • Our customers have become part of our family? It’s a joy for us to get to know you and your children. We are honored that Ashley’s Pastries has become a key ingredient in so many of your family events, anniversaries and holidays. When something needs celebrated, you come to us and we are honored to have a place at your table. We couldn’t do this without you!
    • We LOVE what we do? Here at Ashley’s, it isn’t lost on us how lucky we are to know that our work is also our passion. Helping families celebrate life deliciously, partnering with great businesses, organizations and people in the community and being able to do what we love is such a gift. Even after 37 years, we still look forward to going to work each day. Thank you for making this job easy!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about us. We certainly look forward to learning more about you! See you soon.