The school year is winding down and most students are focused on one thing: summer vacation. But before we celebrate the end of the school year let’s take a moment to thank those who truly make a difference day in and day out – the teachers.

Just as we get tired of the routine, so do teachers. Not only do a lot of them teach, care for and love our kids, many of them go home to children of their own at the end of the school day.

Teachers are kind, patient, caring, loving, helpful…the list goes on and on.Let them know how much you appreciate the way they have encouraged your student to try hard things, supported them through challenges, and helped them grow into smarter, more independent people than they were the day they walked into their classrooms in last fall.

Teaching is such an important job and they do it so well. A small gesture can go a long way in saying thank you…and making their day.

Ashley’s Pastries offers lots of options for great gifts under $20.

Let our baking do the talking and give the gift of deliciousness with cookies to show your appreciation. Yes, we make cookies that literally spell out Thank You.

A coffee cake for teachers to share with their own families means they won’t have to worry about breakfast on their first morning of summer vacation. Add a gift card to their favorite coffee shop and you’ve got a perfect gift.

With a little effort (have your student ask!), you can find out your teacher’s favorite bakery treat. Pick up a small tray of these and drop them off the last week of school. When teachers are feeling weary in the final days, a breakfast boost in the morning can give them the energy to carry them through until the end.

Did you know we also offer Ashley’s Bakery Bucks? Tuck a few of these into a handwritten note expressing your gratitude for a successful school year and your teacher can stop in and pick out her own favorite treat.

We’ll make it easy for you – we’ll wrap up the tasty treats you choose with a ribbon and a bow, an easy and tasty way to show your appreciation for everything they’ve done this school year.  

Finally, no matter what you chose to give as a gift, top it off with a heartfelt note. Perhaps include an example of how your student has grown, share a time when your teacher went above and beyond or let the teacher know a kind thing your child shared about them. This doesn’t require a lot of money, just a little effort and it will mean so much.

Most of us have that special teacher or two that really made an impression and shaped us into the people we became today. We know how important teachers are and we know we have a lot of great ones in this community. Thank you for another great year!