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Summer can be a busy season with vacations, holidays, baseball games and just a lot of fun, in general. Add in a summer birthday and there’s even more on the to-do list. While it may be hard to find a free day to celebrate, summer is a great time for a birthday. With a little planning, you can throw a fun bash on a budget. Here we share some ideas for birthday parties for little ones.

1.Pool Party – You might consider this a no-brainer if you have a child with a summer birthday, but a pool party is guaranteed to make a splash. This type of party is better suited for kids ages 6 and up, when most can swim in the shallow end of the pool.  Whether you have a pool in your backyard, belong to one in the community or plan to host the party at a public pool, have an extra adult that can help keep an eye on kids as they swim and help with things like applying sunscreen.

    1. Cake: Pool party cake from Ashley’s
    2. Games: Water relay races,, diving for coins, cannonball contest , water balloon toss
    3. Party favor ideas: Pool noodles, dive rings, sunglasses, beach balls

pool party cake in Dayton, OH

2. Backyard Bash – Who says you need to do something fancy to have a great time? Allow your son or daughter to invite a handful of friends and enjoy a bash in the backyard. Kids can play on a swing set (if you have one), enjoy classic games and celebrate the old-fashioned way: with cake and ice cream. You could also add water games to keep kids cool – water balloon tosses are always a hit, along with squirt gun fights, slip-n-slides and a fun sprinkler.

    1. Cake: Classic and colorful
    2. Games: Pinata, musical chairs, bean-bag toss, three-legged races,
    3. Party favor ideas: Bubbles, squirt guns, silly string

3. Slumber Party Under the Stars – Move the sleepover outdoors and celebrate under the stars! Pitch a tent or two in the backyard and let kids stay up late to catch lightning bugs, tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows. As long as the weather cooperates (it isn’t too hot or rainy and no thunderstorms are in the forecast), this will be a memorable event for all party-goers. Just ask guests to bring a sleeping bag!

    1. Cake: Star cookies make for a great outdoor snack.
    2. Games: Ghost in the Graveyard
    3. Party favor ideas: Mini flashlights, glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark star stickers

baseball cupcakes in Dayton, OH

4. Take Me Out to the Ballgame – If the birthday boy or girl is an avid baseball fan, take the party to the ballpark! Catch the Dayton Dragons when they’re in town or make it a day trip and travel down I-75 to a Cincinnati Reds game. We know this could be a bit pricey, so maybe limit the number of guests. You can also check online for special discounts on tickets, get “the cheap seats” or attend a day game.

    1. Cake: Baseball cupcakes are perfect when you’re on the go
    2. Games: You won’t need games since you’ll be busy enjoying one on the field
    3. Party Favors: Guests could pick a treat at the ballpark – peanuts, popsicles or a hot dog

5. Party on the Patio – For the over 21 crowd, we suggest a party on the patio, whether that means in a backyard or at a favorite bar or restaurant. There’s just something so enjoyable about dining outside in the summer. Host a large crowd or just a few friends for a more intimate gathering – let the birthday guy or gal pick! Enjoy summery cocktails, light bite appetizers and good conversation as you celebrate the blessings a new year brings.

    1. Cake: Go for something seasonal, like a strawberry tier cake  
    2. Games: Cornhole, horseshoes, croquet
    3. Party favors: Beer koozies to commemorate the occasion

Strawberry Shortcake in Dayton, OH