Custom Christmas Desserts in Dayton, OH

Santa may have come and gone, but that certainly doesn’t mean the holiday season is over. Yes, all of the Christmas items have been demoted to the clearance aisles at the store, and a lot of the pretty decor is coming down, but we believe the holiday season extends beyond Christmas day and we’re embracing this wonderful time of year.

In just a few days we turn the calendar to a new year. I don’t know about you, but as the end of December approaches, I always find myself reflecting on the past year: what we did, where we traveled, memories we made. It’s also a great time to look ahead at what we hope to accomplish in the New Year: things we want to do, personal goals we set for ourselves and new things we’d like to try here at the bakery.

Sometimes life can be so busy we don’t always take a moment to slow down and think about what we’re doing and where we’re going. That’s the great thing about the New Year – it’s a fresh start, a clean slate to stop and be more intentional in our actions.

Perhaps this is the year you try something new. If you’ve wanted to try a cooking class, sign up and take it. You’ll thank yourself when you’re trying new recipes and meeting new people. This could be the year to join a group at your church or community center, or book that trip you’ve been hoping to take for years.

Perhaps this is the year you vow to be present. You put down the phone and look up more often. When you’re with family and friends you really allow yourself to be in the moment. Technology is great for helping us “stay connected” but it can also be quite distracting. Sometimes, we can find ourselves surrounded by people but instead of engaging with them we’re engaging with our screens.

Perhaps this is the year when you make healthy changes that last beyond January. You join a gym or decide to walk a mile or two each day. You continuously stock your fridge with healthy choices and make  healthy eating a part of your everyday routine. You make simple, healthy and sustainable choices to improve your overall health for the long run.

Perhaps this is the year you decide to be kind to yourself. There’s so much pressure to be everywhere and to do everything these days and sometimes we run ourselves ragged to please everyone else when we’re making ourselves miserable. This year, be kind to yourself. Realize it’s okay to say no when you’re feeling tired, stressed or over-committed. Let go of things you feel you have to do and allow yourself time to do what you want to do.

Perhaps this is the year you decide not to have any resolutions. Maybe you’re going to embrace life as it comes and enjoy each beautiful, messy moment. As we know, things can be pretty unpredictable in today’s world and letting go of expectations can make things less stressful.

No matter what you decide to do as the New Year approaches, we hope you have a wonderful time welcoming 2018 with friends and family. And we wish you much health, happiness and love in the coming year. Happy New Year, friends!

And don’t forget – whether you need cookies and cakes or bread and rolls, we’re here to help with all of your party needs!