By now you may have realized there’s pretty much a national day for (fill in the blank) almost every day of the week. You’ve probably heard of “National Ice Cream Day” or “National Wear Flip-Flops Day,” but what about National “Just Because Day”? We hadn’t heard of it either, but we can’t think of a better way to celebrate…just because.

This Monday, August 27, is National “Just Because” Day. We think it’d be a great idea to make this a day about celebrating random acts of kindness. 

Need some inspiration on what to do just because? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

writing note

Send snail mail to a friend. There is nothing better than opening the mailbox and seeing a handwritten envelope with your name on it that contains a friendly note. It probably doesn’t happen very often – maybe around your birthday and Christmas – but there’s such a thrill in sending and receiving snail mail. So drop a note in the mail on Monday to let someone know you’re thinking about them, just because.



Help your neighbor. Maybe there’s a neighbor on your street who just had a baby or one who has a parent that is ill or one who needs help with some yard work. Lend a hand. Take dinner to the new parents, offer to run an errand to ease the burden of being a caretaker and mow the lawn or water the flowers.

Pay it forward. As you’re picking up your morning coffee to kick-start your day and your workweek, pick up the tab for the customer after you, too.

Eat dessert before dinner. It’s okay to break the rules once in a while, right? Just because you can, serve your family dessert before dinner. Who cares if they eat more pie than vegetables one night? We promise it’ll be fun and it’ll be something they talk about for years to come.

readingRead an extra book at bedtime. Does your child try to squeeze in just one more story at bedtime? This would be the night to say yes to an extra book.


Tell your spouse something special about them. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the details of our day that we forget to take a moment to connect with the one we’re actually doing life with. Take a moment to tell your spouse what they mean to you and let them know that no matter how busy life gets, you haven’t lost sight of them.

Call a friend /sibling /parent. When was the last time you actually made a phone call just because? This is the perfect day to call up a friend or your brother or your parents to talk. Forget texting or messaging – have a real, true conversation. We promise you’ll feel better when you hang up the phone after talking than you would after a text exchange.

Surprise your kids with a favorite breakfast. Does your family love French toast but it’s usually just a breakfast you serve on Saturdays? Are cinnamon rolls saved for a special occasion? Monday is the perfect day to surprise your family with their favorite breakfast just because you know it’ll be a great way to start the day and the week.

Take home your best-loved treat from Ashley’s. Sand tarts. Glazed croissants. Morning Glory muffins. Cheese pocket coffee cake. Eclairs. Marble rye bread. Raspberry mousse tortes. Red velvet cake. What are some of your favorite treats from Ashley’s? What things do your family members drool over when they stand in front of our counter? This is the perfect day to bring home a favorite treat (or perhaps even one of everyone’s favorite!) just because! There doesn’t need to be a reason to celebrate with a special treat on this day…and we love that!