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The time has come to bid farewell to the beautiful season of summer. We can’t believe it’s here! We know we say it often, but time is flying and it’s hard to believe September is here. It’s been a good summer for us – we hope you’ve had a good one, too, and we know we’ll miss the longer days, the relaxed routine, the afternoons spent poolside, eating ice cream cones, wearing   flip-flops and making memories with families and friends.

As hard as it is to let go of summer days, there’s a lot to look forward to in a new season, too. It’s a fresh start, which means we can start with a clean slate. You may have students tackling a new school or taking a big leap into the world of high school or college. This may be the time to try a new project, join a gym or finally do the thing (exercising regularly, organizing the garage, taking a trip) that you’ve been talking about doing forever.

fall 1In addition to a fresh start with a new season, there are many other reasons to welcome fall with open arms. Football season has just started. What’s better than hosting friends to watch a Saturday game and enjoy good food? It’s also fun spending a Friday night under the lights cheering on one of the local high school teams.

Cooler weather can often motivate us to cook more, and we may even be open to trying new recipes. Since fall can be a busy season with school and extracurricular activities, using a crockpot is a great way to make savory meals for your family, even if you’re short on time. Need ideas? Here are 60 easy slow cooker recipes from Country Living - you’re guaranteed to find a few the whole family will love.

Fall also means pumpkin everything. We’re not just talking Pumpkin Spice lattes. We’re getting ready to roll out all of our yummy pumpkin treats – from the classic pumpkin pie to pumpkin cake donuts, pumpkin cream cheese iced cookies pumpkin rolls and more – it’ll soon smell like fall when you walk into Ashley’s. (If you want more pumpkin, read here about why we love it.) We’re looking forward to cooler temperatures, the changing leaves and wearing sweaters and boots (as long as we can leave coats hanging in the closet). And as Fall closes in, you know the holidays aren’t far behind.

Hopefully you spent the long weekend enjoying family and friends and now you’re ready to tackle the start of a new week. We’re ready here at Ashley’s, so swing by. We’re looking forward to seeing you!