The most wonderful time of the year has arrived. The holidays are a fun, festive time but can also be stressful with so much on everyone’s to-do list. If you’re in charge of shopping and gift giving in your house, but you’re running out of ideas, let us help! Food is a fabulous gift and Ashley’s Pastries offers a lot of options to make it easy to do some one-stop shopping.

Think about it. Most people love food. During the holidays, when so much is going on, food is wanted and needed, especially if someone has a house full of guests or is hosting  Christmas dinner.

Food is a gift that (usually) always fits. With our gluten free recipes and ability to do custom orders (great for anyone with a food allergy), we can help craft baked goods that work for anyone. Give us a call to place your order and we can have everything packaged and ready for an easy pick up. Or stop in and we’ll work together to create just what you’re looking for. 

If you need a little inspiration here are a few ideas for those on your gift list. Just add some pretty packaging – a decorative holiday plate, a pretty basket, a festive gift bag, top with a bow, and you’re all set!

bow cake

  1. Hostess. If you’re traveling this holiday season and will spend an overnight somewhere, we suggest taking a breakfast treat for the hostess. That takes pressure off in the morning for anyone to prepare food. Everyone can wake up at their own pace, relax and enjoy a cup of hot coffee while nibbling on cinnamon crumb coffee cake or cheese danish.
  2. Helpful neighbor. You know the neighbor that’s been there for you all year long,  the one who gets the mail when you’re on vacation, shares the abundance of tomatoes in her garden, and helps rake leaves in the fall? Nothing says thank you and happy holidays like a decadent, indulgent dessert. We’d recommend a chocolate raspberry mousse torte or red velvet cake. Place on a pretty cake stand plate for the perfect touch.
  3. Bus driver. Most likely, you don’t know him or her very well, but he or she is the kind soul that drives your child (or children) to and from school each day.  You’d like to give something to show your appreciation and food makes the perfect gift here. We’d recommend a loaf of fresh cinnamon bread topped with a pretty bow or a holiday box filled with an assortment of gluten free muffins.
  4. Piano Teacher. For the instructor teaching your little one to learn to play the piano, a box of assorted cookies makes the perfect gift. We suggest a variety of our favorites – sand tarts, seasonal decorated cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut, Mexican wedding cookies and tea cookies. Put them all on a festive holiday plate and you’ve got a gift to make anyone happy!

cookie-tray5. Holiday dinner party. There’s a good chance this season you’ll be attending a holiday dinner, whether it’s a party hosted by a friend or a celebration with your family. Because you don’t want to show up empty-handed but you may be short on time, pick up some of Ashley’s signature dinner rolls to take along. Guests will love our light and dark rye salt sticks, croissants and plain dinner rolls.

We hope you have time to actually enjoy the sights and sounds this season. As we said, it can be such a busy, stressful time but our hope is you are present this holiday to enjoy the wonder of the season. Stop by soon to let us take something off your plate by helping you shop for those on your list.