Life is beautiful and messy and hard. Life is funny and creative and amazing and sad and wonderful. This past year I’ve realized how quickly life can change. We lose loved ones. Dear friends get sick. Our children grow up and sometimes have to move away. There are disappointments, heart breaks, lost opportunities. Thankfully, life is tempered with joyous celebrations like weddings and births, birthdays and promotions and reunions and homecomings. We are given many reasons to belly laugh, smile big and feel great love around us.

Because we aren’t certain what tomorrow holds, I really want to make sure to enjoy today, every day.

I’m lucky that I get to do work I love – this isn’t lost on me. I know not everyone is as lucky when it comes to their job. I enjoy all the interactions with all of you that come in to see us each day. I enjoy helping you celebrate life deliciously by baking treats you share at life’s celebrations and milestones.


I really hope to encourage all of you to enjoy life this year – and do so without any guilt! That doesn’t mean go crazy, but allow yourself the chance to indulge once and a while and savor it. That piece of chocolate cake you want to eat? Go for it! Allow yourself a treat once a week (or whatever schedule works for you!) and relish it.

Do you want to spend one of these cold, winter days curled up in a blanket with a cup of hot coffee and a good book? Do it and don’t think about the to-do list that may be waiting. 

Do you want to skip a Saturday night social event to stay home and play board games with your kids or binge watch a show on Netflix? Do you want to clear your calendar a bit and focus on your top priorities?

Do you finally want to take that trip you’ve been dreaming about forever or learn how to play piano since you’ve only been talking about for the past decade? Start the process to take the necessary steps – start saving money or book the plane tickets or make the call to the piano teacher.

Enjoying life sometimes means letting go of the things we don’t really want to do to make room for what really matters. Maybe for you that means cutting back on obligations and spending more time with your family. Maybe you want to focus on your marriage more now that the kids are a bit older and a little less needy. Maybe you want to give back and volunteer at your church or a local nonprofit you’re passionate about. Or maybe you simply want to feel more relaxed and less rushed. And if you like the full schedule, that’s great too! I simply encourage you to find what fills you up, makes you happy and is best for you…and enjoy it!

And don’t forget to stop by Ashley’s to pick up a freshly baked pie or delicious donuts for a Saturday morning treat. We’ll be waiting!