Coffee – that delicious liquid substance that gets most of us going each morning. It’s the beverage many of us drink morning, noon, and for some, night.

Coffee is a drink that is delicious when shared with a friend and a side of good conversation. It’s great when you can sip the hot beverage in solitude, perhaps in the quiet of the morning before the chaos of the day unfolds. Sometimes it’s the needed afternoon break when you take a moment to rejuvenate. Coffee is great shared with your spouse, your girlfriends, your kids, your coworkers…you get the idea.


It doesn’t matter if you drink your coffee black, with cream or with a couple lumps of sugar. There just seems to be something about this beverage that unites us all. After all, according to Reuters, 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee each day.

Did you know you can get your daily cup of joe right here at Ashley’s Pastries? We love our coffee, and we love our community so we’re really excited about our partnership with Rooted Grounds.  


Quality and Community
Rooted Grounds Coffee Company started in 2015. That’s when founder David Knopf left the corporate world after 14 years and with his wife Patsy decided to provide people with an improved coffee experience outside the coffee shop.

Rooted Grounds built its first micro-roastery in Cincinnati. Because they are committed to quality, Rooted Grounds carefully and consistently roasts coffee beans in small, 25 pound batches. This process, along with delivering fresh from the roaster, ensures a cup of coffee that customers love.

Along with quality, Rooted Grounds is committed to the communities it serves, giving back a portion of proceeds to different organizations, like BOGG Ministries, Reach Out Lakota and the Marvin Lewis Community Fund.

As you may know, Ashley’s is committed to this community (and to quality) too, so a partnership with Rooted Grounds was an easy choice. We love working with other businesses and organizations in the area and being a part of the team in town. We love being able to offer quality, craft coffee right here in our bakery, too!

We know coffee pairs perfectly with our delicious donuts and pastries so you can now pick up a freshly brewed cup when you swing by in the morning. We think coffee goes great with our cookies and cupcakes, too. So if you need an afternoon pick-me-up during these dreary days of winter, stop on in for a quick fix of something sweet and a healthy jolt of caffeine!

We’ll be waiting for you and we’ll have the coffee on. See you soon, friends!