Homemade Fall Treats in Dayton, OH
Although it may have been a while ago, think back to when you were a freshman college student away from home for the first time. You probably experienced a lot of emotions as you adjusted to life on a college campus – excitement, anticipation, inspiration, and perhaps, maybe, some homesickness once in awhile, too. And on any day, but especially those days you felt a little lonely or longed for home, nothing was better than getting real snail mail. Whether it was a note from a parent or a close friend or a package full of goodies from your mom, it helped to know you were thought about, cared about and loved.

College care packages are always a hit, no matter what students find when they open up the box. But if you’re looking for ways to make one stand out even more, let Ashley’s Pastries help! We love working with families to send a taste of home to students when they’re away from home. Here a few ideas of different care packages for your student.

  1. Favorite treats. Help your student stay focused on her studies while sending a taste of home. If your child has a favorite sweet from Ashley’s – perhaps our famous Sand Tart cookies or Magic Bars  – we can deliver to their dorm! We’re happy to put together an assortment, package them up and ship to your student. She can enjoy with roommates when they all need a study break!
  2. Birthday party delivered. It might be hard to think about your son or daughter celebrating a birthday while away, but you can still make the day special. If you usually baked a favorite cake or had a tradition of getting your cake at Ashley’s each year, we can help keep it going by sending a birthday cake or cupcakes to their school. Imagine the surprise when they get a delicious cake delivered! It’ll be an instant birthday party in the dorm! Just remember to send plenty of plates and forks. A birthday cake from Ashley’s is best when shared.

    Care Package Cupcakes in Dayton, OH

    We can deliver delicious birthday treats to your college students.

  3. Seasonal sweets. Fall is the perfect time to savor the flavors of the season. Right now pumpkin and apple treats abound, from strudel to turnovers to muffins and more. We can put together an assortment of the season and send treats — a few of each or a few dozen — to your student for a tasty care package.
  4. Saturday surprise. For many families, Saturday mornings are a chance to break routine and change up the breakfast pace. That often translates to a trip to a neighborhood bakery for donuts or pastries. If this was the case for your family, you can still keep the tradition alive, even if your child is away at school. Give us a call and let us know what treats were favorites at your breakfast table and we’ll work to get the perfect Saturday surprise package ready.

    We know you can be busy, so we’re happy to help with the packing and shipping, too. Let us know how we can help get your college care packages signed, sealed and delivered.