The calendar has flipped to May (can you believe it?!), which means flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and warmer, and summer is just around the corner. And if you have a student, it could mean that graduation is coming up…and coming up fast!

Let us help!

This is a big day for your son or daughter, but it’s a big day for you, too. You’re sending your child off to start a new chapter, be it high school or college. This a time to celebrate and enjoy, not to stress over details and planning. Let Ashley’s Pastries help make the day delicious and memorable! After all, choosing us takes the stress out of desserts! We prefer at least 48 hours to prepare orders for custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Besides, planning ahead allows you to cross items off that to-do list and leaves more time to enjoy the party prep. Of course, if the day of your event comes and you need a few more sweet treats, you can always stop in to pick up a few cookies or cupcakes that we always have on hand.

Getting started

This is the perfect time to start planning a celebration for your special grad. Decide what kind of party you’re going to have: simple and understated, with close family and friends, a larger celebration with a long guest list or a more casual open house, where guests can come and go throughout the evening.

Don’t forget to ask your son or daughter their vision for their party, too. Since this is a day to honor their achievements, you’ll want their input. Get their help with the planning and the prep and it’s sure to be a party everyone will remember fondly.

Plan, plan, plan

The type of party you pick will help dictate the other elements.To help keep things simple and to keep you on track, create a list and start checking items off as you complete them. Here are a few key elements to keep in mind:

    1. The venue. Will you be hosting the party at your home or do you prefer to hold it at a different location to accommodate a larger crowd? Sometimes using a different venue can take the pressure off of cleaning and preparing your house. If you need to find a party place, make sure you take care of this soon to ensure the space you want is available.
    2. The menu. Will this be a party where you serve guests a hot meal? Will you offer heavy hors d’oeuvres? Or will it be more casual, with hamburgers and hotdogs served from the grill? There’s no right or wrong menu. Just make sure you have enough food on hand to feed your guests and make sure to include a few options, such as a vegetarian dish if you plan to serve meat.
    3. The desserts. There isn’t a sweeter way to celebrate a graduate than with delicious desserts. And that’s where we can help! We specialize in personalized cakes that can be tailored to your son or daughter’s favorite tastes. Chocolate cake and chocolate icing? No problem! Got a carrot cake lover? We can do that, too, along with decorating in school colors and logos. It’s also fun to offer a dessert table, where we can carry the school color theme with cookies, brownies, cake pops — anything you might like to add to make the table pop!
    4. The invitations.  If you’re sending paper invites, you’ll want to drop them in the mail about 6 weeks prior to the party date. There are also a lot of online invites you can send these days. Check out sites like, or for inspiration. Decide whether you’ll ask guests to RSVP. You’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re accounting for food and drinks.

Graduations are exciting events and we hope we can be part of yours.