Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day at Ashley’s! 

I have fond memories of a child baking chocolate chip cookies with my mom in the kitchen. We’d mix butter, sugar, a little vanilla  and an egg, then add in flour, baking soda and a tiny bit of salt  in the large glass mixing bowl. The best was dumping in the chocolate chips, and I distinctly remember reaching for a few and popping them in my mouth before they landed with the rest of the ingredients. I remember the bright lights of the kitchen overhead as I knelt to look in the oven window to watch the cookies slowly rise. And when the cookies had cooled just enough that we could touch them, but the chocolate chips were still warm and gooey, we always got to taste one “just to make sure it was a good batch.”

The fondness for chocolate chip cookies has never faded away, even though it’s been many, many years since those days of baking in the kitchen with my mom. Chocolate chip cookies are a great cookie choice anytime. If you’re not sure what to take to a picnic, or what item to send for the school bake sale, or what cookie to choose when you surprise a friend with a treat, you can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies. There’s just something so comforting about the ooey-gooey goodness of this cookie. 

Chocolate Chunk Cookie from Ashley's Pastry Shop in Dayton, OH


In a survey conducted earlier this year, Americans ranked their favorite comfort foods and chocolate chip cookies ranked in the top 10 (along with grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza and french fries). But today (August 4) especially, chocolate chip cookie lovers can unite in celebration for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and Ashley’s Pastries has you covered! Chocolate chip cookies are one of our best-sellers and you’ll find them in our cases year-round, no matter the season. If you’d like to surprise your coworkers with a dozen for the day, we can help! Or, stop in and pick some up to take home to treat your family for the weekend. I mean, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on a Friday?! What could be better?! Enjoy!