We are grateful for your service and your sacrifice

We are all so very lucky to live in the land of the free, thanks to the brave men and women that put on a military uniform and protect our country every single day. Unfortunately, we can often take our servicemen and women for granted, not fully aware of the huge sacrifice they make for us.

Sunday, November 11, is Veterans Day, a national holiday set aside to thank and honor the living veterans who served honorably in our military during wartime and peacetime. We need a day to remember all those who have served and who continue to serve…and to remember how they put their love of country first.

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for everything our veterans have done for us, but we will continue to extend the sentiment to show our appreciation. We say thank you to show our gratitude for being brave and for fighting to what is right and just. We say thank you  for allowing us the freedoms this country so graciously provides.

This Veterans Day we honor all of those in the military but we certainly cannot forget the service and sacrifice of another type of hero — the military families. There are women who run households and hold jobs, who take care of children and act as both mom and dad during deployments. There are men that keep things running smoothly while mom answers her call to serve. There are parents and grandparents, children and siblings and aunts and uncles that step up, fill in the gaps and are there when those in uniform cannot be.

It certainly isn’t easy for our servicemen and women to be away from home and their loved ones. It’s also not easy for the military families to say goodbye, to carry on and miss their loved ones during deployments. It’s easy for us to forget this fact, this sacrifice that families make.

Here at Ashley’s Pastries, we see the military families when they come in to pick up a loaf of bread or their favorite cookies. We are in awe of their strength, their commitment, their patience, their faith, and their support. We are also in awe of the men and women who feel called to serve our country and their commitment to the red, white and blue. We are grateful for those who proudly put on a uniform for any branch of the United States military and travel to unknown places and encounter scary things and are willing to sacrifice for their country to keep us safe and sound and free.

All next week – the week of November 12 – we will be offering a free treat giveaway to those in the military and their families. It’s a small gesture to say thank you for your service.

So this Veterans Day we encourage you to thank those servicemen and women and their families for their service and their sacrifice. From all of us here at Ashley’s Pastries, thank you!