Our Top 5 Favorite Holiday Desserts

The holidays are a time filled with family, friends, and of course, food. For most of us, this is one of our most favorite times of year to indulge our sweet tooth. We don’t know about you, but we look forward to the holiday season all year long. There’s just something about sharing hot chocolate and a piece of pie with a loved one that makes a visit so much more enjoyable. And don’t forget the memories made while baking your favorite sugar cookies with the little ones! A fun time is had by all, no matter how the cookies turn out! Christmas morning breakfast or brunch also tends to be a traditional favorite with all of its decadent offerings. From quiche to French toast to fancy fruit salads, each and every bite nourishes the body and warms the heart. ‘Tis the season to truly delight in the abundant baked-goods!

This year, we’ve sifted (pun intended) through dozens of our favorite holiday desserts in an attempt to narrow down our list from about 50 favorites to only five. Yes, that’s right. We have selected our top five holiday favorites. Anxious to see what we’ve chosen? Check out which baked-goods made the cut:

1. Butter Danish Christmas Tree Coffee Cake
Christmas morning simply wouldn’t be the same without our Butter Danish Christmas Tree Coffee Cake laced with raspberry filling and sprinkled with jimmies for Christmas lights. Enjoy a slice with your early morning coffee before the Christmas morning rush. You’ll love the way your spicy, holiday coffee roast perfectly complements the rich, creamy flavor of this holiday cake.

2. Buttersworth Sweet Rolls
Buttersworth Sweet Rolls are the perfect accompaniment to any meal. They’re warm, light and fluffy, they’re just a bit sweet, and they melt in your mouth. No need to add butter, these rolls are perfect just the way they are. No holiday menu would be complete without them.

3. Yule Log
Dress up your table this year with a traditional Yule Log. Delicate, chocolate sponge cake and french, buttercream icing rolled together just perfectly to display the festive swirl design in the center when cut. This tasty, holiday dessert is the perfect addition to your dessert table.

4. Butter Tea Cookies
We dare you to have just one of our Butter Tea Cookies. The buttery, rich texture of these light yet absolutely delightful cookies make them almost impossible to resist. Their small size and flaky texture will demand you add a few to your plate.

5. Sandtarts
Hollywood LOVES our “Cookie of the Stars,” families purchase them by the dozens this time of year, and we’re pretty sure Santa considers these his absolute favorite cookies.  Our sandtart cookies are a favorite year around, but these subtly spiced cookies topped with fresh meringue are sure to bring holiday cheer wherever they show up!

Whether you’re enjoying an early morning bite of coffee cake or sneaking a midnight snack of sandtarts originally intended for Santa, we certainly won’t judge you. We’ll most likely be doing the same! Let us know what favorite holiday baked-goods will top your list this year.