Custom Easter Desserts in Dayton, OH

It may not look like it outside, but Spring has officially sprung and we are just days away from Easter. If you need a pick-me-up on these dreary days, stop by our shop. Our cases are full of happy, tasty treats: bunnies, chicks and ducks. If you’re worried about what to serve for the upcoming holiday, we can help. There’s still plenty of time to put in your order for Easter. Whether you want a coffee cake for breakfast on Easter morning, Easter cookies or a Basketweave cake, just give us a call.

Hot Cross Buns in Dayton, OH

 Hot Cross Buns
We’ve had them all season long, but this Friday, Good Friday, is a day when we serve many Hot Cross Buns. This spiced sweet roll is made with raisins and marked with a dough or icing cross on the top. They are eaten throughout the season of Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter) but many are consumed this week, especially on Good Friday. These hot cross buns have been made for centuries, so given their long history it only seems natural that superstitions have grown around them. According to the website, hot cross buns can help cement friendships – those who share one will have a strong bond for a year. Or, if you hang a hot cross bun in your kitchen, it’ll stay fresh for a whole year. Read more about these traditions and other fun ones right here.

Easter Activities
If your family is like mine, they are probably looking forward to the tradition of dying Easter eggs. It never seems to get old in our house and each year our kids try to come up with fun color combinations or designs on their eggs. If you’d like to add another Easter activity to the season or perhaps try something different this year, get creative decorating cupcakes! Not only will this generate fun family time, but you’ll have a pretty, tasty treat at the end. Here’s a simple one to make: Easter basket cupcakes.

Easter Cupcakes in Dayton, OH

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your choice of cupcakes (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet – any flavor works!)
  • Frosting (you can do just white or pick a color)
  • Shredded coconut (we like to dye it green to it looks like grass!)
  • Easter toppings: jelly beans, M&Ms, Peeps
  • Sour punch straws or licorice  


After you’ve made your cupcakes and let them cool, the fun really starts. Frost your cupcakes and then top with the shredded coconut. We like to dye it green to look like grass. Then add jelly beans or pastel M&Ms to look like eggs hiding in the grass. You could also top the cupcakes with Chick or Bunny Peeps for another festive design. If you have sour candy straws or licorice, you can curve those over the top of the design to make the basket handle. The best part about this is it’s really easy for your whole family. Just put out the supplies and let everyone decorate his or her cupcake however they’d like for a fun variety.

Easter Basket cupcakes in Dayton OH

As with any holiday or special event, know that we’re here and happy to help be a part of your celebration. We hope you and yours have a very Happy Easter.