Connect with a Veteran

With Veterans Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you can honor a veteran in your life. It’s the service of veterans throughout our history that has ensured the freedoms we enjoy today. Veteran’s Day is a great opportunity to slow down and connect with a neighbor, nursing home resident or family member who has served our country.

So what are you waiting for?  Here are just a few of our ideas for how you can have a special time connecting with a Veteran in your life:

1. Listen

Take the time to hear a Veteran’s story about the sacrifices he or she has made for our country. Veterans have the most amazing stories and can offer a unique perspective on our nation’s history.

 2. Learn

It is one thing to hear about a war in your history book or on the news, but nothing beats a firsthand account.  Use your time with a Veteran to learn new details that you might not read in a book or see on the TV.

3. Have Fun

Do a fun activity while you connect with your Veteran.  Need an idea?  We suggest celebrating your veteran’s service with none other than some tasty sweets.  Why not decorate some red, white and blue patriotic cupcakes you can enjoy at the end!

As for us, we plan to visit One Lincoln Park here in Dayton and spend time with the veterans who now call that home.

How do you plan to connect with a Veteran?  We’d love to hear your ideas!