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Happy Fall y’all! Today officially starts the season (though with these hot temperatures it feels more like summer). For many of you, fall may mean crisp air, changing leaves and warm sweaters. For us here at Ashley’s Pastries, it means apple time!

Fall is the prime season for apples and we have plenty of treats to cure any apple craving you may have. Apples are one of our favorite fruits to bake with so over the years we’ve been perfecting and preparing our recipes to create the flavorful, delicious treats you’ve come to know (and expect) from our bakery.

It’s apple time
As we mentioned, apples are one of our favorite ingredients, so we include them in a lot of tasty fall treats. You may already have plans to swing by to pick up your favorite, but if you’re looking for some new pastries to try, this is the perfect season to explore something new.

If you’ve never tried one, stop in for an apple dumpling, a savory treat where an apple is wrapped in a homemade dough and baked in a cinnamon- sugar syrup. Enjoy one on a leisurely Saturday morning.

Apple dumplings make a delicious fall treat.

Apple dumplings make a delicious fall treat.

Or maybe you need a treat that’s easy to eat on the go. Give an apple turnover a try. This pastry is made when we put apple filling on a piece of dough, fold the dough over, seal it and bake it. Yum!

And we can’t forget one of the most traditional apple treats – apple pie! With a flaky crust and flavorful filling, apple pie is the perfect dessert to serve after a hearty fall meal. Give us a call today so we can have one ready for you!

Apple pies are the perfect dessert for any fall meal.

Apple pies are the perfect dessert for any fall meal.

In addition to these apple treats, we also offer many others:

  1. Apple coffee cakes
  2. Apple Danish
  3. Apple fritters
  4. Apple muffins
  5. Apple pies
  6. Apple cookies

Feeling inspired to cook with apples in your kitchen? Check out our Apple a Day blog to learn what apples are the best to use for baking.

As the weather cools, we hope you’ll stop in for a warm cup of coffee and one of our apple treats. We’ve got plenty of them ready for you!