4-blog-thanksgivingToday we flipped the calendar to November. It doesn’t seem possible to be this far along into the year, but here we are. November.

Sometimes it seems that Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday, lost in the shuffle between Halloween and the mad dash before Christmas. This November, we want to be a little more mindful and take a moment each day to practice gratitude.

We have so much to be thankful for this time of year. Our health. Our family. Our friends. And you! Thanks to the support of loyal customers like you, we’ve been able to keep Ashley’s Pastries running for decades. We’re thankful to be a part of your life occasions…birthdays and weddings, baby showers and retirements. There’s nothing we’re more grateful for than being able to create a delicious masterpiece for you to celebrate moments big and small.

This November, we’re going to be practicing 30 Days of Thankful. A simple way to remind ourselves of the blessings in our lives. A simple way to find something good in every day (think hot coffee, fresh air, good conversation with friends), even on those days that might not be seem good to us.

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude can be good for your health. Researchers have found that people who practice gratitude report fewer aches and pains and generally feel healthier than those who aren’t as grateful.

We’d encourage you to join us for 30 Days of Thankful. You could end your day with writing down one thing you’re  grateful for before you fall asleep. You could ask your family at dinner to reflect on their day and share one thing they are thankful for. You could send a note (or even a text message or email) to a different friend or family member every day for the month to let them know you’re grateful for their friendship. Or, if you’re feeling really busy and stressed and don’t want to add another thing to your plate, simply think of something you’re thankful for as you wash dishes or fold laundry or drive to work. We’re almost certain just thinking this way will help you feel positive and content this month

Today, we’re thankful for you.