Celebrate your cousins on Monday, July 24. 

For those of us lucky enough to have cousins, we know these special people often become our first childhood friends. We celebrate birthdays and holidays and weddings and other special occasions with them. Cousins are often our first teachers, too, teaching us as children how to share or perhaps ride a bike or pump high  on the swings. As we grow, cousins can be sounding boards for advice as we face difficult situations in junior high, high school and college. We realize, as we get older, we are lucky to call cousins family and friends.

Recently, our family had a summer gathering with extended family to celebrate grandma’s birthday. Dozens of cousins showed up. Many of the first cousins are now grown, with their own small children. On this night, it was special to watch all of the little cousins meet and mingle and play. It was a perfect summer night, as some cousins spent time splashing in the swimming pool, others played baseball and some sat together laughing and telling stories.

Celebrate those who are family and friends.

Cousins become our lifelong friends. Celebrate them on National Cousins Day, which is Monday, July 24.

It was wonderful to look around and see everyone having a good time. Perhaps this special bond of cousins is the reason a national holiday was created. Monday, July 24, is National Cousins Day. Celebrate with your cousins, let them know how much how you appreciate them by giving them a call, sending them a text or a snail mail note. You can also treat them to their favorite goodies from Ashley’s Pastries!

And to all of our cousins out there, we hope you know how special you are to us. Happy Cousins Day!

Celebrate your cousins July 24.

Young cousins celebrate this summer.