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It’s hard to imagine a world without moms. From the moment we’re born, moms play a significant role in our lives, making sure we’re fed, clothed, cared for and loved. As we grow, moms go from attending to our every physical need to helping us navigate emotional needs.

Moms work tirelessly on our behalf, making sure we’re happy and healthy. It’s only fair we dedicate one day to them to say thank you for everything they do for us over and over and over again. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s Sunday, May 13. Perhaps you already have plans to make your mom or wife or daughter feel special. We’d like to help you celebrate. Give us a call to place an order for mom’s favorite treat and we’ll make sure to have it ready to go.

cake-pops-cupcakesOur coffee cakes and danishes are perfect for a breakfast in bed treat. We can make custom cakes for a delicious dessert, which is the perfect way to end the day. And while a bouquet of flowers can be beautiful, a cookie bouquet is a delicious way to show mom some love.

As we got to thinking about Mother’s Day, we couldn’t help but think of all the ways moms make our days a little brighter. Here are 25 reasons moms deserve a special day:

  1. For always making you feel better with a band-aid and a hug.
  2. All.The.Laundry.
  3. Taking care of you when you’re sick.
  4. How she makes sure birthdays are always special.
  5. For all the hours she spent holding you and singing to you when you wouldn’t stop crying as an infant.
  6. For always worrying about you.
  7. For driving all the carpools to school, sporting events and practices, and birthday parties.
  8. For always cooking dinner.
  9. For packing school lunches all those years.
  10. For sending those great care packages when you were in college.
  11. For letting you take the cushions off the couch to build a really great fort.
  12. For helping you complete those jigsaw puzzles.
  13. For letting you try things on your own, even if it meant you had to fail.
  14. For encouraging you.
  15. For making you feel less afraid anytime you were scared.
  16. For showing you how to bake chocolate chip cookies.
  17. For taking you shoe shopping.
  18. For always knowing where you left things, whether a library book, your homework or your favorite teddy bear.
  19. For always believing in you.
  20. For making sure you brushed your teeth in the morning before school and at night before bed.
  21. For reading just one more bedtime story.
  22. For letting you stay up late in the summer to catch lightning bugs.
  23. For hanging up your artwork front and center on the fridge year after year after year.
  24. For sending you snail mail when you moved out of the house.
  25. For her fierce, unconditional love.

Mom 2

We know there are many more reasons to celebrate moms and we’d love to hear from you. Comment below with a few reasons why your mom deserves to be celebrated this Mother’s Day.

To all the moms out there, thank you for everything you do everyday. Happy Mother’s Day!