It’s a big weekend for Hollywood. Sunday night are the 2018 Academy Awards, which means stars are gearing up for a night to remember…and so is Ashley’s Pastries. One of our signature cookies – the sand tart – takes center stage…or perhaps we should say backstage. That’s because this cookie is a favorite of an Oscar nominee.

Allison Janney's favorite cookie | Ashley's Pastry Shop

Allison Janney loves Sand Tarts from Ashley’s.

Allison Janney, who hails from Dayton, is nominated this year for an Oscar for Supporting Actress in the movie “I, Tonya”. Allison has loved our sand tart cookies for years and no matter how big of a star she is, she has never outgrown her love for our cookies. We started sending them to her when she starred alongside fellow Daytonians Rob Lowe and Martin Sheen on The West Wing. We tagged them as a taste of home but they soon called them “Cookie of the Stars” and so it began. From Hollywood to the Broadway, sand tarts became a staple backstage. To guarantee freshness – we want the cookies to taste as if they were just picked up from our shop (no crumbles!) – we ship them overnight. When the white boxes arrive filled with sand tarts lots of stomachs are filled with the deliciousness of Ashley’s.

Allison has received many awards throughout the years but it makes our day knowing that her favorite cookies are from our bakery. She still takes the time to send a handwritten note to let us know how much the cast and crew of her projects appreciate our cookies. And that certainly makes our day!

Thank you note from Allison Janney

It’s also fun when Allison is back in town and takes a moment to stop into our bakery. The day doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

Allison Janney in Dayton, OH with Theresa Hammons

If you’re hosting an Oscars party this weekend, you’ll want to make sure you have a tray of sand tarts on hand. We’ve been busy baking lots of batches this week, making sure our shelves are full of this tasty treat so you can have a taste of what our Dayton star loves!

And you can bet we’ll be watching this weekend, cheering on our hometown star who loves our hometown cookies. Good luck Allison!