Football Season in Dayton, OH

Football season kicks off this Friday (yes, you read that right!), and we’re wishing all of our local athletes a great first game and great season on the gridiron.

If you’ve got a player on the team or you’re just a football fan, take something sweet to your tailgate this week. Ashley’s Pastries has you covered with your need to satisfy your sweet tooth while showing your school spirit. We can make cookies, cupcakes, and cakes with your school colors or logo. Give us a call today to bake up some goodness for your team.

Custom football cake in Dayton, OH

We’ve also got football cookies ready if you need to swing by and pick up something on your way to the game.

football cookies in Dayton, OH

In honor of the start of a new season, here are a few fun facts about football for you:

  • Footballs used in the Super Bowl are made right here in Ohio, at the Wilson football factory in Ada.
  • Baseball may be one of our favorite pastimes, but football is a favorite sport. According to Neilsen, an average of 18.6 million people watch Sunday Night Football each week.
  • A combination of rugby and soccer, the American Football originated in universities in the northeast in the late 1800s.
  • In 1920 the American Professional Football Association was formed.
  • The Shoeless Wonders was a football team made up of orphans who played barefoot in the 1920s. They went undefeated for almost a decade.
  • A few football terms to know: blitz, encroachment and Hail Mary. Find out what these mean, along with others, right here.

Even though we’re highlighting football today, we celebrate all fall sports here! So if you’ve got a soccer star, a cross country runner or a tennis pro, we can help bake up delicious treats in honor of the athlete in your house. We love to celebrate special moments and bake up memories for you and yours!