5 Tricks for the Perfect Halloween Treats

With Halloween quickly approaching, you’re sure to notice the grocery store aisles lined with candy and costumes. As you begin to get busy with all the festivities, don’t forget to schedule in time to make some homemade Halloween treats with your family. This is a fun and easy way to enjoy the holiday together. And you never know, this might be a tradition your children will carry on with their own children one day!

To make the most of your time, check out our 5 tricks for the perfect Halloween treats.

1.  Make it a family activity.
Halloween brings out the child in all of us.  Make sure you take the time to participate rather than simply facilitate. This might be the perfect time to tell your children about some of your favorite Halloween memories.

2.  Keep it simple and fun.
Look for ideas that that will be easy and fun to make. This is where your inner child comes in handy.  Once you know what you’re making, review the recipe ahead of time and maybe even do a little prep work. That way you’ve set the stage for a stress-free, memory-making activity. Remember, Halloween is all about candy.  Using your favorite candy in your Halloween treats is one way to keep things simple.

3.  Let your children get creative and messy.
The point of this activity is not to have bakery-worthy treats but rather to enjoy the process as a family and to make a memory. So try to relax as your children spill the sprinkles, smear the icing, and crumble the cookies. As you sit back and enjoy the moment, you might even realize your children aren’t as messy as you think! But even if they are, they’ll have such a great time making a mess that you won’t mind it a bit.

4.  Display your work.
Show your children you’re proud of what they made. Share your treats with friends, family and neighbors. They don’t have to be picture perfect.  It’s the memories made that matter most.

5.  Get started!
Now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve, what are you waiting for? Check out Pinterest for all kinds of fun ideas! And don’t be scared (pun intended) to make something new! If you need an idea to kick things off, here’s a fun Ghostly Marshmallows recipe.

Ghostly Marshmallows
Orange and/or green melting chocolate
Halloween sprinkles
Halloween straws
Miniature chocolate chips

On a baking sheet, line the marshmallows up and place a straw in the top of each. Stick the marshmallows in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before decorating. This will allow it to hold its shape better when dipped. Place your chocolate in one small bowl and the sprinkles in another. Melt the chocolate in the microwave. Make sure to heat in short increments at a time; chocolate can burn very quickly. Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, dip the bottom of each marshmallow into the chocolate and then into the sprinkles. Use two miniature chocolate chips to make eyes, the finishing touch on your ghosts! Yummy!